Vera C. Rubin Observatory Documentation for Data Preview 0.1 (DP0.1)

This site provides information about the Rubin Observatory’s Data Preview 0.1 (DP0.1).

DP0.1 Release Date: June 30, 2021

DP0.1 Deprecation Date: May 2, 2024


DP0.1 was retired on May 2 2024 and is no longer available, having been replaced by DP0.2 in June 2022. Please visit for more information.

Data Preview 0 (DP0) is the first of three data previews during the period leading up to the start of Rubin Observatory Operations. The goals of DP0 are to serve as an early integration test of the Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST) Science Pipelines and the Rubin Science Platform (RSP), and to enable a limited number of astronomers and students to begin early preparations for science with the LSST.

Term definitions are provided on the Rubin Observatory Glossary & Acronyms webpage.

Resources for DP0 delegates

DP0 delegates are the 300 Rubin Observatory data rights holders who have been given accounts in the shared-risk early-development version of the RSP, through which they can access and analyze the DP0 data set.


Tutorials include hands-on executable tutorials and demonstrations based on science use cases for learning to use the RSP and the LSST Science Pipelines.

DP0.1 data access and analysis tools

The RSP is the set of integrated web-based applications, services, and tools to query, visualize, subset, and analyze LSST data. Throughout DP0 the RSP will be in active development by Rubin Observatory staff, with access provided to delegates on a shared-risk basis.


All RSP users are responsible for understanding the risks and avoiding potential usage hazards.

DP0.1 data products

The data set adopted for DP0 is the 300 deg2 of simulated, LSST-like images and catalogs generated by the Dark Energy Science Collaboration (DESC) for their Data Challenge 2 (DC2; arXiv:2010.05926).

Documentation project information

Information is provided on this documentation project and how to contribute to it.