DP0.1 Tutorials

These tutorials and user guides are for DP0 delegates using the Rubin Science Platform (RSP) deployed at the Interim Data Facility (IDF), the Google cloud.

Before following these tutorials, delegates should have gotten their RSP accounts, be familiar with this list of RSP Risks and Caveats and the basic components of the RSP, and know how and where to get support.

Jupyter notebook tutorials


The DP0.1 notebooks are no longer supported and have been archived in the tutorial-notebooks-dp01-archive repository of the “rubin-dp0” GitHub Organization.

The tutorial notebooks in the rubin-dp0 GitHub Organization’s tutorial-notebooks repository will be available by default in a folder in each user’s home directory in the RSP’s Notebook Aspect. See that repository’s README file for descriptions of the notebooks.

Acknowledgments: Many of these tutorial notebooks were originally developed by Stack Club members and have been altered and updated to be appropriate for DP0. If these notebooks are used for a journal publication, please consider adding an acknowledgment that gives credit to the original creator(s) as listed in the notebook’s header.

Portal aspect demonstrations

An overview of the RSP Portal functionality is provided in this Introduction to the RSP Portal Aspect. Below are two step-by-step demonstrations of how to use the Portal for science investigations.